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Results (FY2018)

Reflecting the contraction of the market, unit sales of interchangeable-lens digital cameras declined in year-on-year terms, though Canon maintained its leading market share in key countries in Europe and the Americas, as well as in Japan and China. In mirrorless cameras, we posted higher unit sales due to such new models as the entry-level EOS Kiss M and the EOS R, Canon's first mirrorless camera equipped with a full-frame sensor, which employs a new lens mount as part of the EOS R System. In digital compact cameras, while further market contraction led to a decrease in unit sales, high-value-added models such as the PowerShot G-series enjoyed solid sales.

In inkjet printers, while unit sales of refillable ink tank models increased significantly in emerging markets, overall unit sales declined due to the impact of market contraction in developed countries. overall unit sales declined due to the impact of market contraction in developed countries. In large-format inkjet printers, the imagePROGRAF TX series, which is suitable for outputting CAD drawings and poster designs, was well received by the market and enjoyed strong sales.

As a result, overall sales for the business unit fell 11.3% year on year to ¥1,008.2 billion, while operating profit declined 32.6% year on year to ¥117 billion.

Net Sales

Operating Profit/Operating Profit Ratio

  • *In 2018, a reclassification of operating profit and other income (deductions) was conducted due to change in pension accounting standard. Figures dating to 2016 have been restated to conform with the current year's presentation.

Future Strategy

Demand for interchangeable-lens digital cameras is expected to decline going forward, but increase steadily in the segment for cameras equipped with full-frame sensors. The digital compact camera market is forecast to continue contracting, notably in lower-priced model segments.

Amidst these conditions, our top priority in 2019 is to accelerate the expansion of our mirrorless camera lineup and introduce lenses and other new products for the EOS R System.

Although demand for inkjet printers is expected to continue falling slightly in year-on-year terms in 2019, we are targeting faster-than-market growth by investing aggressively in sales within emerging markets. For instance, this involves reinforcing our sales support activities for mass merchandisers and authorized sales outlets.