Product Responsibility

One of the largest semi-anechoic chambers in Japan where tests on large products can be carried out

Management Approach

At Canon, we do our utmost to ensure product safety and improve usability while at the same time working to add greater value to our products and build customer trust.

Canon's Approach

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Increasing recognition of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is bringing greater awareness of safety and the environment. Expectations are also growing for technological innovation that will increase the performance of safety-conscious and environmental products.

Canon's basic mission when it comes to quality is to ensure that customers have “no complaints, no trouble,” and we work hard to ensure “Canon Quality” throughout the entire Group. In line with this creed, we created a quality management system that follows the requirements of international standards, and we strive to improve quality across the entire product lifecycle, from planning and development to production and after-sales service. In the area of safety in particular, along with establishing in-house product safety technical standards that are stricter than regulatory requirements in each country, we created a system for gathering comments and requests from Canon users worldwide, which we share with relevant divisions, as means to improve our products and ensure safety. As part of the goal of Canon's medium- to long-term business plan to “reinforce/expand new businesses while creating future businesses,” we also aim to leverage our superior technical expertise to drive innovation in a range of areas in addition to consideration for safety and the environment.

Additionally, we are working to promote greater accessibility in Canon products worldwide by ensuring customers can use them easily and with confidence. These initiatives include designing product manuals to make them easier to understand and actively adopting Universal Design principles in product development.

Related SDGs

Canon's various activities relating to product responsibility contribute to the achievement of SDG 12, “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.”

  • Approach to Quality
  • Quality Assurance System
  • Training and Educational Activities
  • Voluntary Action Plan Based on the Basic Policy on Product Safety
  • Establishment of In-House Product Safety Technical Standards
  • Quality Assessment During Development
  • Safety Assessment Initiatives
  • After-Sales Support
  • Process for Responding to Quality Issues
  • Providing Information on the Appropriate Use of Products