Product ResponsibilityQuality Management

We strive to improve quality across the entire product lifecycle in order to provide customers with satisfying products.

Approach to Quality

Canon's basic mission when it comes to quality is to ensure that customers have “no claims, no trouble.” To achieve this, we promote our motto of “Canon Quality” both inside and outside the company, as part of our dedication to realizing customer safety, peace of mind, and satisfaction.

To realize this basic mission, we work to implement quality checks across the entire Canon Group at every stage, from product planning to design and development, production, sales, and after-sales service. We also ensure that continual improvements in quality are achieved through Group-wide activities, sharing quality information and customer feedback obtained from the market with divisions in charge of product planning, design, and development.

Quality Assurance System

In order to fully realize “Canon Quality,” Canon has established a quality management system* that combines the requirements of ISO 9001, an international quality management standard, with work mechanisms unique to Canon.

  • *The in-house regulations governing Canon's quality management system are recognized by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) as an alternative standard to ISO9001.

Using our in-house quality management system as a base, the various Headquarters divisions at Canon Inc. work in cooperation with the Global Quality Management Center and Canon Group companies worldwide to implement optimal QA systems for the characteristics of each business in compliance with the legal and regulatory standards of each country and region.

Supplementing the vertically integrated activities of each business division to solve division-specific quality issues, in 2017 Canon Inc. established a committee to focus on improving quality at the product development stage. Chaired by the President and including members from top management of each business division, this body has launched activities across the company. Through these activities, management will share quality-related issues and actively promote shared problem-solving among businesses.

Training and Educational Activities

Making a Total Commitment to Canon Quality

In order to maintain outstanding quality, each employee belonging to product-related divisions must always be mindful of quality in every aspect of their work.

At Canon, we strive to educate and foster greater awareness of quality among all employees by continually sharing our basic philosophy and motto on quality and by conducting Group-wide quality education and surveys on quality awareness. Canon Inc. has designated November as Quality Month, and each year in November holds the Quality Fair and Quality Awards to recognize exceptional activities that have improved quality, and share them throughout the Group.

Continuing and Expanding Quality Education

Canon provides the Canon Quality Course for employees through a Group-based tiered training curriculum, highlighting the importance of quality on an ongoing basis. We customized a training program for each division, taking into account specific situations and issues needing to be addressed, and also actively conduct on-site training. Furthermore, since it is important that employees have a clear understanding of the Canon way of thinking at all companies within the Canon Group, including overseas offices, we created multilingual versions of the Canon Quality Introductory Guide, which contains our philosophy on quality. We also developed an online version of the Canon Quality Guidebook, which is used to foster understanding of our quality activities.

We focus particular attention on product safety training. In addition to training that broadly covers product safety, such as product safety regulations, chemical safety regulations, product liability laws, and substantial safety technology, we also conduct a condensed product safety-training course for new employees covering topics from these courses. Canon Inc. conducts e-learning activities to promote thorough understanding of the Voluntary Action Plan for Product Safety on an ongoing basis. In addition, we continually provide safety information, such as safety cautions when making repairs or exchanging parts, to Group companies involved with product sales, repair, and service.

In 2018, these training courses were held a total of 11 times. Courses on accident-prevention strategies, which began in 2016, were held a total of eight times in 2018.