Our Approach

Canon's Universal Design

Canon's approach to universal design is to predict and understand all the real-world problems users may encounter when interacting with products and then to devise solutions to as many of these problems as possible.

This approach leads to products that anyone, at any time and in any situation, can access and use comfortably.

This is the "universal design" ideal that we, at Canon, strive to attain.

Designing User Posture

Regardless of how good a product performs, if its operation causes stress, it fails to fulfill its purpose.

We think of "universal design" as something that appears in the posture of the user when interacting with the product. Therefore, the slogan of our universal design initiatives is "designing user posture."

Not only do we analyze how and where customers interact with a product, we also watch customers' typical behavior before and after using a product. This leads to discoveries about various issues that we would not find just by looking at the product.

Principles of Universal Design

Ensuring Inherent Usability

After obtaining a thorough understanding of the customer's usage circumstances, we give every consideration to the inherent usability of the design in keeping with the product's purpose and usage environment.

Creating Products and Services People Enjoy Using

We continually pursue innovative idea creation that goes beyond simple problem solving in order to create products and services that customers really want to use.

Applying Cutting-edge Technologies

We apply Canon's leading technologies to products to improve customer convenience and to create richer, more comfortable lives.