Our Message

Our goal is to create products and services that provide every customer with a sense of emotional attachment and excitement in every situation.

Since our inception, Canon's fundamental corporate philosophy has been kyosei. From this starting point, we strive to develop superior technology that continually enriches the lives of our customers and aim to build a society in which all people - regardless of differences in culture, customs, language, or race - live and work in harmony for all time.
In recent years, the diversity of our customer base in advanced countries has blossomed, even as these countries face aging populations. Our customers today transcend past categories and demographics: for example, even small children are computer literate.
The underlying concept of universal design, which seeks to provide goods that are inherently accessible and useable by all people, is perfectly in tune with the kyosei philosophy and is the product development ideal we aspire to.
We hope you will continue to lend your understanding and support to our universal design initiatives in future Canon products and services.