CEO Message

Fujio Mitarai

"Change is progress. Transformation is advancement."
Accelerating our grand strategic transformation for new growth.

The evolution of technology has given birth to innovations in every field, bringing significant changes to people’s lives, business and the makeup and values of societies. As the pace of this evolution increases, we are transitioning into an age when corporations must constantly and quickly respond to such changes.

Canon’s history has been one of undertaking challenges. With our enterprising spirit and the San-ji (Three Selfs) Spirit by which we continually transform ourselves, we have cultivated businesses that can adapt to changing times and continue to grow.

In our five-year medium-to-long-term Excellent Global Corporation Plan Phase V, beginning in 2016 and designed to achieve new growth, we have undertaken a grand strategic transformation of shifting our core businesses from B2C to B2B. In 2018, employing such methods as M&A in our four new businesses—commercial printing, network cameras, medical and industrial equipment—we successfully completed this transformation of our business portfolio.

To drive future growth in our four new businesses, we will focus on expanding their scale and enhancing productivity. Meanwhile, we will strengthen our existing businesses by incorporating the latest technologies in such fields as the cloud, AI and the IoT to further increase our market share.

Under our corporate philosophy of kyosei, Canon seeks to become a truly excellent global corporation that is admired and respected around the world. Toward this end, we will work together as a Group and continue to transform. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Fujio Mitarai
Fujio Mitarai
Chairman & CEO
Canon Inc.