Commercial printing

Digitalization is
expanding and creating
a vibrant future for
commercial printing

Digitalization of commercial printing is
creating a new era and new value

The transition from analog to digital printing

Commercial printing covers a wide range of materials including product manuals, books, catalogs, direct mail and transactional applications. For large print-runs, offset printing—which involves the creation of print plates— remains the dominant method. Yet, there is a growing demand for digital printing, which does not require plates and is nimble enough for short-run production in a broad range of applications and quick turnaround.
Digital printing not only enables output on an as-needed basis, but also variable-data printing, in which the content of individual pages can be customized. As a result, it can flexibly meet such new customer needs as one-to-one marketing.

With digital printing, materials can be produced and delivered on an as-needed basis

Unlocking new possibilities together with Canon Production Printing

Canon Production Printing, which has achieved great success mainly in Europe and North America with its product lineup for commercial printing including continuous feed presses and large-format printers, joined the Canon Group in 2010. Together, we are able to produce both hardware and software for high image quality, high productivity and high reliability as we strive to expand our commercial printing business.
PRISMA series software centrally manages the workflow of the printing process from the receipt of orders to post-press processes, contributing to greater efficiency and higher productivity at printing companies.
In 2017, we launched a continuous feed press for the graphic arts market that delivers high-resolution printing on offset coated paper. It meets the strict market’s requirements by not only achieving high image quality for premium catalogs and direct mail, but also providing the capability to print on a wide range of media.
As we face the future together, Canon and Canon Production Printing are undertaking research and development with an eye on the field of industrial printing, which is growing rapidly worldwide.

ProStream1000, a continuous feed press for the graphic arts market

UV printers output colorful bus wrap advertising

Our large-format printers with UV curable inks can produce durable and vivid wrapping used for advertising on buses and other vehicles.
Such technology was used for buses running between Canon offices in Japan. These buses were adorned with a wrap advertisement to generate excitement for the Rugby World Cup 2019® which will be held in Japan for the first time.